sic updates for 2021-08-03: digest emails, tag/aggregation changes, context warnings and more text

epilys wrote :

Hello, some recent notable changes in follow:


  • Added font-size and disable-vivid-colors accessibility settings.

Tags / Aggregations

  • New users subscribe to default aggregations by default.
  • You can edit/add/delete filters in your personal aggregations.
  • You can now edit/add tags if your karma is bigger than 4.
  • You can "fork" aggregations by clicking "copy aggregation". The resulting aggregation will be yours and just a copy of the original.


  • Added opt-in digest emails: go to Account settings to set it up. You can choose to receive only stories from your subscribed aggregations, or all stories. You can also select how frequently you receive them.
  • Added context warnings for sensitive stories (like Reddit's NSFW flag). There's a new false by default account setting that lets you ignore CWs by default.
  • Fixed bug that caused personal syndication feed tokens to expire (now they don't).
  • Created Mastodon bot that toots all stories:

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