Experimenting with open registrations (with a twist) and other updates text

epilys wrote :

Hello friends,

I enabled open registrations as an experiment. Invitations are still possible. People who register without an invitation will require someone to vouch for them, basically send them an invite even after they register. This way people can freely sign up, subscribe to stuff, upvote, but they cannot post until they are verified by some vouched. If you have been invited, you're vouched. If a vouched member vouches for you, you're vouched.

Other minor updates:

(Experimental) mailing list mode

You'll be able to get your subscriptions as a regular mailing list. This is opt in and enabled in the account settings page. You can reply to the list and your comments will show up (just be sure to enable the "Enable mailing list replying" setting; this is a safety measure to make sure you opt-in).

  • To post a story, simply send an email to sic@sic.pm with your title as Subject.
  • The url of the story is parsed from a Url: header in the email
  • Tags are comma separated in a Tags: header in the email

(Experimental) NNTP bridge

It's online at sic.pm:563 (with TLS). You can authenticate with your regular login (but it's available as read-only for unauthenticated users). To post, use NNTP posting if your client supports it. It should be possible to use the SMTP (mailing list bridge) if you reply to sic@sic.pm instead of the poster; I haven't tested to iron out the quirks but NNTP posting works.

Self-hosting the code sic.pm runs on

Since some people requested this, I decided to rename the codebase sic runs on and distribute it as a python package. It's available here https://github.com/epilys/tade and has some rudimentary deployment instructions. This is not a ready-to-use release so caveat emptor. But if you set it up you should get the same thing as this website, with mailing lists and all.

Reporting problems/bugs/feature requests

I'd be glad to hear about any of those on private email, in this thread, on github, on IRC, on mastodon; wherever!

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